Self Balancing Scooter Fire Resistant Safe Charging Case


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The Safest Self Balancing Scooter fire resistant bag on the market. Stop worrying about your new Self Balancing Scooter or hoverboard product catching fire, or worse causing damage to you or your property. Our fire resistant hoverboard bag is designed to be used when charging or storing your hoverboard or self balancing scooter to safeguard against the risk of fire. Unlike our competitor, the Hovercover, our bag comes with a zipper that help prevent flames from escaping in the event of a fire. There are NO GAPS. Unfortunately, you need this fire resistant hoverboard charging bag because many hoverboards were and continue to be sold with non UL rated batteries and chargers, which are more prone to catching fire and or exploding compared to UL rated products. Best practices for include purchasing a safe UL rated replacement battery and charger and also safeguard your hoverboard with a fire proof, fire resistant, self balancing scooter charging bag. Use this fire resistant safe bag during charging and while your hover scooter is in storage. We recommend that you never leave your hoverboard unattended while charging. Never charge for longer than 2-3 hours. Our type of fire resistant bag has been used for YEARS even DECADES by RC car and aviation enthusiasts and are proven fire resistant and a safe investment for your hoverboard. Never charge your self balancing scooter without one.


  • 8 Inch Bag Dimensions: 24 inches long, 8.3 inch diameter
  • 6.5 Inch Bag Dimensions: 24 inches long, 7.1 inch diameter
  • Fire Resistant Self Balancing Scooter bag for charging and storage safety. This flame retardant bag is a convenient way of safeguarding your self balancing scooter and other batteries during charging, transit, and storage
  • Latest version that uses a fireproof zipper to secure Self Balancing Scooter inside bag. Safer than a velcro or clasp style bag that still allows excess air inside bag
  • Safely extinguishes a hoverboard fire by suffocating it. Doesn’t allow excess oxygen into the bag. Comes with two Nylon carrying straps for heavy hoverbaords.



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